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Welcome to Betrothed -- where faithful help is just a few clicks away! If you’re tired of dating and over heartbreak, stop settling and start believing. We are here to restore your faith in marriage with our unique coaching program found by Rev. Brandon Neal. We know the difference between what you need versus what you want in a relationship — and we can show it to you too!

After months spent in devoted prayer, Rev. Neal followed God’s call and created this custom-tailored program so women like yourself can learn how to hear the Father’s heart and get a vision of their lives as it is meant to be. Whether that’s addressing trauma from prior relationships or detoxing media influence, we will provide valuable advice gathered from decades of firsthand experience on how to recognize authentic love instead of seeking futile validation on socials platforms.

What sets us apart? Our passion for bridging the gap between soul searching and marriage preparation. To prepare young women for a partner worth waiting for, while preparing them to become excellent candidates themselves. What we mean when we say “betrothed” is one who has been engaged or is actively getting ready for commitment — not just a random title but one with true meaning behind it! With us at your side, you get ready for the sweetest covenant — a bond that promises both support and enjoyment together with an eternal companion made special just for you.

So don’t settle anymore -- Invest in yourself first because together, WE CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND GET YOU READY FOR MARRIAGE TODAY!!!


My methods

Detox Coaching

Detox coaching can be liberating, empowering and is an essential strategy for changing the course of your love life. Detox coaching helps intrepid singles to discover their own self-defeating behaviors, and release those thoughts contributing to them.

N.O.W. Coaching

Need Over Want (NOW) Coaching is a unique and incredibly valuable experience that can help you pinpoint what your spirit truly desires from a relationship as opposed to a fleeting, surface-level want. It's easy to be drawn in by the idea of a perfect partner, yet often times these wants don't fully align with your true needs on a spiritual level.

Rewrite Coaching

Rewrite coaching could help you to reflect and reinterpret the narrative of your love life, so that you can recognize God's hand even during your most painful moments. It is important to understand the heart of The Father not only in your relationships,

Spiritual Direction

Do you feel as though you have reached a spiritual plateau, unable to find meaning in spiritual matters? This may be the perfect time to explore spiritual direction and prayerfully discover your relationship with God in more meaningful ways. Embrace this chance to delve into the depths of your soul and uncover an authentic sense of purpose.


Trying my best to learn


Amridge University

DMin. Marriage and Family Therapy 2021-2024

Beulah Heights University

Master's degree in Divinity


CEOLD, 2020, Atlanta, GA.

ACPE Certification, 2017, Atlanta, GA.

Non-Denominational Ordination, 2015, Atlanta, GA


Wellstar AMC Hospital

Spiritual Health Department

Sacred Journey Hospice

Lawrenceville Care Team