Spiritual Direction

Are you struggling to find spiritual direction and a deeper connection with God? Have you been searching for answers to puzzling questions about your spiritual path? Spiritual Direction is the perfect avenue to begin the journey of spiritual exploration; it can help you get to know yourself better and most importantly, identify your purpose in life. Through spiritual direction, I will be here to guide and mentor you as we dig deeper into scriptures, spiritual teachings, and revelations so that you can develop an authentic relationship with our Heavenly Father and come to understand His will for your life. As an experienced spiritual director, I am passionate about helping those who are struggling on their spiritual paths. Please reach out today - I would love to be part of this amazing journey of spiritual discovery with you!

$ 100 per hour


What is it good for?

Spiritual Guidance and Deliverance

If you're looking to develop spiritual intimacy and find spiritual clarity, spiritual direction for purpose provides the perfect opportunity. By exploring spiritual practices, we can connect with God in order to gain personal insight into our true selves and journey towards spiritual growth. Through spiritual direction you have a safe space to wrestle with spiritual questions, discuss spiritual concerns and come to appreciate your spiritual self. I'm here not only to ensure that your spiritual path is grounded in a deep connection with God but also so that you can step more fully into living your unique spiritual purpose.

Goals of Spiritual Direction/Coaching
  • Connect with or reconnect with a Higher Power

  • Discover your evolving identity

  • Find purpose in your life's narrative

  • Experience the support of a coach and spiritual director.


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