Individual Coaching

silhouette of woman jumping
silhouette of woman jumping

Individual coaching is a great tool to help you take the next step towards achieving all your desires. It provides individual, intensive and goal oriented sessions to help uncover what's really holding you back. No matter if it be in relationship, occupational or spiritual areas of life, individual coaching allows you to deconstruct those previously daunting barriers that might have stopped you from getting married, starting a business or facing your fears. Through individualized sessions geared towards your individual goals, it will help liberate you from the things that have been hindering your progress while keeping the results-oriented focus.

$ 100 per hour


Common disorders

Toxic and Septic Thoughts

Left unchecked, toxic and septic thoughts can wreak havoc on personal relationships. Much like a toxic waste leak pollutes a body of water and prevents life from forming or thriving in its waters, toxic and septic thoughts have the same deleterious effects on the dynamics of a relationship. They can poison the depths of our souls and prevent us from forming true connections with our partners.

Objectives and Goals
  • -Prevent toxic and septic thoughts from polluting your relationship

  • -Protect the health of your relationship by identifying and eliminating toxic and septic thoughts

  • -Keep your relationship healthy and thriving with our proven system for identifying and neutralizing toxic and septic thoughts

  • -Enjoy the benefits of a strong, healthy, connected relationship


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